Sunday, May 6, 2018

Lil Vos - Perilous Curves

Lil Vos is born in Ukrania in 1999. Tall and voluptuous, she has all of a femme fatale. She started modeling at 16 and loves it! She studies sociology and she's a Black belt in judo, which means a lot regarding the performance she will offer you on iStripper... 

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Saturday, May 5, 2018

Lady Dee - Solo

Lady Dee is a beautiful brunette from the Czech Republic. Her petite and skinny stature has gained her fans the world over and we are proud to have her dancing with us. Lady Dee is smart, well educated and incredibly witty. She has a magnetic personality that draws people to her and someday she hopes to practice psychology for that reason. But for now she is very happy getting to perform on stage. She tells us that it\'s a total rush to get naked in front of a camera and she enjoys the freedom of creating her own work hours. An avid reader, Lady Dee\'s ideal date is to meet in a bookstore for a cup of coffee and discuss literature for hours. But she also likes getting dressed to the nines and hitting the town for the night! 

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Tuesday, April 17, 2018

Chrissy Fox - Come And Get Me!

Chrissy Fox comes from Czech Republic where she's born 25 years ago with amazing red hair and brown eyes. Chrissy is a real hedonist! When we asked her what were her passions she said: eating, traveling dancing and having orgasms.

Chrissy is a wonderful person, smiling all the time, full of energy, sweet, patient, and always happy to make anyone happy. And when Chrissy takes pleasure on our scene, she does not feign!!!

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Tuesday, September 12, 2017

Gisha Forza - Smooth Moves

Gisha Forza is totally new to the adult modeling! She started her career this year in 2018!
Gisha comes from Siberia, she is just 26, her type is exactly what you can imagine from a Siberian beauty, a smart mix between causasian and Asian...

The purity of her skin and the delicacy of her personality give her an almost magical dimension...

In life, Gisha plays jazz guitare, she has a degree of zoologist. At home, she has several cats & dogs & hamsters !

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Monday, July 10, 2017

Darcia Lee - Going For Broke

Darcia is a young brunette born in Budapest Hungary just 18 years ago. As soon as she reached 18 years, she ran into the adult universe and she was right to hurry! Her talents are just amazing, coupled to her freshness and enthusiasm to discover the world. Her perfect body & generous breast add a bit more to the pleasure to watch her stripping and caressing. A must for your taskbar, if you ask me!

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